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MST Editorial: Better things to do

Posted by akosistella on March 6, 2010

WE were puzzled when the Commission on Elections announced a plan to allow more than 23,000 inmates to vote in the May 10 automated elections.

In a television interview, Commissioner Rene Sarmiento seemed pleased to note that this was a first in Philippine history, and that we would be only the fourth country after Australia, Great Britain, and Canada to give detainees the right to vote.

Since the commissioner did not have time to expound on why this was important, we can only speculate that the poll body is eager to show the flexibility that the new automated system provides.

Click Manila Standard Today.

I DON’T understand it either. If they’re convicts, why should they be allowed to vote? If they broke the law, why should they have the same rights as law-abiding citizens? Can a lawyer explain this to me, pls?

And yes, why is Comelec even bothering to attend to this matter when voters education for the poll automation should be its focus now? Parang ang dami nyong time ha?


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