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Piki Lopez* was right

Posted by akosistella on March 6, 2010

Piki Lopez was right all along about the power situation. But although he’s been proven correct, it’s reasonable to expect that he still wishes that he’d been wrong instead.

If blackouts are taking place all over the country on a regular basis, blame the government. After all, as early as six years ago, businessman Federico “Piki” Lopez has already been warning anyone who would listen that this situation would come to pass.

At the time, not a lot of people in government believed Lopez, of the family that controls the Manila Electric Co. and which also has various investments in the power sector, when he started saying that severe power shortages would take place right about now. To some in the various agencies that regulate this critical industry, Lopez appeared to be Chicken Little, warning needlessly that the sky would fall.

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(*Piki Lopez is chief executive officer of First Gen Corp., the primary holding firm for the Lopez Group’s interests in power generation and other energy-related businesses, especially in the field of renewable energy.)

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