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Posted by akosistella on March 7, 2010

Phil. Star – Still globetrotting

The top contenders in the presidential race are promising to save precious public funds by limiting their foreign travels, in case they win, to only the most necessary, such as leaders’ summits. That means an average of three foreign trips every year: two summits of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and the annual leaders’ costume party of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

Whoever wins will be held to his promise, at least until the country’s financial situation improves. It will be a marked contrast to the attitude of the incumbent, who in her nine and a half years has indulged her travel bug at every opportunity, at a cost of billions.

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Inquirer – Moderate your ambition

MANILA, Philippines—As is often the case, as government officials bicker, the citizenry is taking matters into its own hands. In Mindanao, people affected by the shortage of electricity are investing in generators and generally adapting themselves to the situation.

Meanwhile, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has yet to sign a proclamation proposed by Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes Jr. that would allow her to invoke the Epira (Electric Power Industry Reform Act) provisions allowing the purchase or lease of generators as a stop-gap measure.

In any case, the Executive and Legislative branches are arguing over the usefulness of calling Congress to a special session to give the President emergency powers in the mold of the Ramos model. They are also arguing about already-existent power barges, the scheduling of maintenance for power plants and whom to blame for predicting—or failing to predict—El Niño and its effects.

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