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Special report: For Governor Vi, a job that calls for Darna-like powers

Posted by akosistella on March 7, 2010

“If you have good intentions, you won’t be afraid (to implement the law),” Santos-Recto told GMANews.TV in an interview. “My intentions are clear. In the first place, they (fish cages) are illegal, that’s why you have to remove them even if you don’t want to.”

She revealed that pressure was coming from businessmen and their political patrons to go slow on her cage dismantling campaign.

“What can I do? Maybe they cannot appreciate it now. But if they see how beautiful the lake has become again – there was no fish kill this year, fish catches were abundant – they will appreciate it later on,” Recto said.

Click GMANews.TV.

I FIRST read about Ate Vi’s efforts at dismantling fish cages last year via Howie Severino’s Sidetrip blog. I thought then, wouldn’t it be wonderful if she succeeded at it?

After all, her goal was pure – to help Taal Lake regenerate again, and increase the fish catch of the fisherfolk in the area. Apparently she’s triumphed against the naysayers and unconscionable businessmen who have been behind these fish cages.

I applaud her for her political will in seeing this project through. That is what real local governance is all about. I may be an Ate Guy movie fan at heart, but Ate Vi gets my vote on the political front. Now then, today Batangas, tomorrow Pilipinas?

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