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Pinoys are world class…abroad

Posted by akosistella on March 8, 2010

By Boo Chanco | The Philippine Star

Those who are about my age probably remember the late Jose Mari Velez. JoeMari was the anchor of ABC Channel 5’s nightly newscast before martial law. He was a rare anchor in the sense that he was not just a news reader with a pretty face. He had brains to match a great authoritative voice and good looks. He was a lawyer, a UP Law graduate, and he represented the first district of Rizal in the 1971 Constitutional Convention. He was a great guy to be with.

Karyn Velez is his granddaughter. According to Rosan, Karyn’s father, Jofer, is a genius and got his academic credentials from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His 19-year old daughter was born in the States while he was taking his masters in MIT.

Jofer tried and failed to have his daughter represent our country instead of the US. He became simply frustrated with the local system. In his words, “these are professional operators. You only know once you’re in the system, and you experience the many frustrations over time.”

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