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Posted by akosistella on March 9, 2010

Funding sources | The Philippine Star

By all means, the Commission on Elections must regulate sources of campaign funding. The only question is whether it is up to the task. The Comelec, for all its avowed good intentions, has failed to even make presidential candidates submit an accurate declaration of campaign donors and expenditures to determine if spending limits are followed.

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Petty interests – Inquirer

Election Commissioner Rene Sarmiento has urged critics of the candidacies of Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo and Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes for party list to file cases with the Commission on Elections. “There are many nominees. And [for us to act] motu propio, honestly, we need information [and] assistance,” he said. He added that with 187 accredited party-list groups, each submitting at least five nominees, the poll body could not scrutinize all of the names, all at once.

But to accredit party-list groups without reviewing their credentials or nominees, isn’t this incompetence?

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Doing the right thing in a right way – Malaya

THE energy department has identified temporary fixes to ease the power shortage in Mindanao. These mainly involving the putting up of additional generating capacity to bridge the supply/demand gap until the hydroelectric plants are back in full service upon the coming of the rainy season.

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