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The interpretation of dreams

Posted by akosistella on March 9, 2010

By Conrado de Quiros

The common wisdom, of course, is that Villar got waylaid by C-5. But what exactly does that mean? “Corruption,” I maintain, is a fairly abstract idea for us. We have a concept of “nakaw” in the sense of a snatcher or pickpocket or bank robber plying their trade. And we have a concept of excess in the sense of public officials being “sugapa” or “swapang” or “walang patawad”, who want everything. But we do not seriously expect public officials to live off their salaries only, or indeed to not try to recoup their campaign “investment.” So what exactly about the C-5 hurt Villar?

Personally, I think it was a whiff of the second element, of excess, of “sobra na,” of being a little too greedy, which contrasted starkly with his pitch of being from the poor and identifying with the poor. It mocked that pitch and chipped off some of the points he might have built up from Dolphy swearing he was simple lang. Someone takes on an air of being devious, you won’t see him as the savior to pluck you out of poverty, you will see him as the neighborhood con man out to fleece you of what little you have left.

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