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Pieces of mind

Posted by akosistella on March 15, 2010

by Conrado de Quiros

If Aquino’s political rivals—which I suspect this letter has much to do with—had more industry or imagination, they might have dug up the things I said about the Mendiola massacre, which are far more scathing.

The reason I praise Cory to high heavens today, and trust her son to preserve the legacy she left behind, notwithstanding all this is that when all is said and done you measure a person by the entirety of what he or she has done—or not done—and not just by their individual faults or mistakes or policies you violently disagree with, or conversely by their personal virtues, or shining moments, or acts of redeeming grace. From the perspective of more than 20 years, it’s the easiest thing in the world to see that Cory was the best president this country had. Bar none.

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