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Villar on Noynoy’s debate challenge: Anytime, anywhere

Posted by akosistella on March 15, 2010

NAVAL, Biliran, Philippines – Nacionalista Party (NP) standard-bearer Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. yesterday said he is ready for a one-on-one debate with Liberal Party standard-bearer Sen. Noynoy Aquino so long as the debate will be conducted in a “neutral area” and with fair moderators.

“I have long accepted that challenge. My only condition is that the hosts will be neutral and fair,” said Villar at the sidelines of the NP’s campaign sortie at the Naval State University. “Anytime, anywhere.”

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Gordon hits Villar for ‘fooling the poor’

Bagumbayan standard-bearer Richard Gordon on Friday chided fellow presidential candidate Manuel Villar Jr. for “fooling the poor” with his campaign advertisements, saying the Nacionalista Party (NP) bet has done nothing to alleviate poverty while in office.

Gordon said Villar seems to be “exploiting” the poor with his TV ads, where the NP presidential bet claims he will end poverty in the country.

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