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Posted by akosistella on March 17, 2010

Malaya: Hardly inspiring confidence

THE Commission on Elections has been accommodating major changes in the provisions of the P11.3 billion contract with Smartmatic for the automated election system. These changes could affect the success of the country’s first ever digital election exercise but these have largely remained unannounced. Why?

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Phil. Star: Tourism potential

The Tourism Act of 2009, or Republic Act 9593, was supposed to make the tourism industry more competitive in the region. Instead RA 9593 has become a source of rancor within the industry, threatening to defeat the purpose of the new law.

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Inquirer: Easy money

WHEN FERDINAND MARCOS and his technocrats embarked on a national policy of exporting Filipino labor, he was responding to a pressing economic need while utilizing a long-existent inclination among individual Filipinos. Whether it was “Enrique el Negro” who circumnavigated the globe with Magellan’s ill-fated expedition, the Filipinos who settled in the Barataria Bay settlements in Louisiana in the 17th century, generations of Ilocano plantation workers in Hawaii and Filipino mess stewards in the US Navy, we have traveled—and settled—far and wide in search of greener pastures. Today between 8 and 11 million Filipinos, or 10 percent of our population, are estimated to be living overseas, of whom over two million are OFWs.

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