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Aquino campaigns anew in Marcos country

Posted by akosistella on March 18, 2010

LAOAG, Philippines – Senator Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III once again campaigned in Marcos country, this time as a presidential candidate.

Aquino made a respectable showing in the 2007 senatorial race in the Ilocos region, landing in 5th or 6th place, local officials recalled.

Aquino breezed into Laoag, arriving at 2 p.m. Thursday with sister Kris and brother-in-law James Yap.

As of posting, Aquino was set to have several radio interviews, a new strategy in his campaign that allows him to talk directly to the voter via the airwaves.

Ilocos Norte Gov. Michael Keon said the senator was scheduled to pay him a courtesy call. “I will extend to him all the courtesies of my office,” he said.

However, the call on the governor was not in the itinerary provided by the Aquino to the media, which only had Aquino going on a motorcade around Laoag, where he will be joined by Kris. 

Former Congresswoman Imee Marcos, who is running for governor of Ilocos Norte, also welcomed Aquino’s campaign sortie. “Tama na ang damdam at poot,” Marcos said, quoting her mother Imelda.

Imee Marcos spoke to ABS CBN News from her campaign headquarters in Batac, just a room away from where her father lies in state, still not buried since his death in 1989.

In 1986, her father Ferdinand was overthrown by a people power revolt that swept Aquino's mother Cory into power.

Click ABS-CBN News Online Beta.

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