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Posted by akosistella on March 18, 2010

Malaya: Behold the 9 toadies

Here is one of the not so few occasions when we are again glad we are not lawyers. The ruling stinks. The nine justices in the majority only succeeded in firming up the public’s perception they are stooges of Arroyo.

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Inquirer: Judicial suicide

The Supreme Court, it is our sad duty to report, has lost its way. Its 9-3 decision allowing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to name the next chief justice, despite the Constitution’s express ban on new appointments two months before a presidential election, is proof that the Arroyo-packed Court is wandering through unmapped, unsafe territory. The decision is an emergency flare fired into the air to mark its position. The momentary light will give comfort to the lost, but the darkness that follows will be forbidding.

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Phil. Star: The last bulwark

Back in May 1998, shortly before the general elections, then President Fidel Ramos tried to fill vacancies in the regional trial courts and the Supreme Court. Ramos was re-buffed by then Chief Justice Andres Narvasa, who also headed the Judicial and Bar Council. When Ramos tried to force the issue, arguing that the constitutional ban on mid-night appointments during elections applied only to executive positions, the full court went along with Narvasa in his interpretation of the ban. But the rebuff in connection with SC positions was not contained in an official ruling. Instead the SC nullified Ramos’ appointment of two judges to regional trial courts, saying it violated the constitu-tional ban on appointments.

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