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Posted by akosistella on March 19, 2010

Phil. Star: Protecting the teachers

Public school teachers will be glad to know that the Integrated Bar of the Philippines will provide them with free legal aid in case they face criminal or administrative charges in connection with their poll duties. To complement the IBP assistance, the government should also equip the teachers with the necessary training so they can perform their duties efficiently and avoid legal problems.

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Inquirer: Noynoy’s albatros

Consider just one instance: To support the story’s sweeping claim that “most farmers’ groups, scholars and businessmen question the department’s figures” (referring to the Department of Agrarian Reform’s statistics on redistributed land), the writer, the Times’ Southeast Asia bureau chief, relied solely on Anakpawis party-list Rep. Rafael Mariano. We do not question Mariano’s credentials; we only wish to point out that the story did not identify him as ideologically opposed to CARP itself, or as a vigorous campaigner against the extension program passed last year and which met the expectations of the more moderate bloc in Congress, or, indeed, as a close political ally of senatorial candidates running on the slate of Aquino’s main rival. (Note to the New York Times, whose main audience knows next to nothing about Philippine politics: There is more than one color in the Philippine political spectrum. That simple truth is not reflected in your choice of confirmatory sources.)


Malaya: Business-friendly?

MALACAÑANG has directed the Department of Energy to see if the rise in local fuel prices tracks the movement of global crude prices. The directive sounds innocuous enough, but the message beneath the surface is introducing uncertainties the oil industry could do without.

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