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Gov’t failure bites into PAL profits

Posted by akosistella on March 19, 2010

By Boo Chanco | The Philippine Star

For this year, the airline can only hope to reduce losses and maybe break even in 2011 inasmuch as they cannot use their new more fuel efficient Boeing 777 planes to fly to current US routes and expand to new US destinations as well. The PAL chief could only hope that aviation safety issues plaguing the country can be resolved soon. But soon may not be soon enough. Mr. Bautista said the government should be able to get the Category 2 classification lifted in six to 12 months yet.

In other words, this failure of government will be one of the many gaping loose ends the Arroyo administration will leave behind, assuming Ate Glue leaves her post on June 30. In fact there should be no more excuses now that Leandro Mendoza, the former DOTC secretary who was originally tasked to resolve this issue with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) almost three years ago, is now Executive Secretary.

Click Boo Chanco.

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