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Beyond her political grave

Posted by akosistella on March 23, 2010


Speculation is rife that she will be chosen House Speaker by the power of her money, her residual influence (also a function of money and past favors), and the reluctant benediction of her “secret” chosen successor, Manuel B. Villar, otherwise called Money Villarroyo. Her ostensible candidate, Gilbert Teodoro, has nonchalantly resigned himself to this eventuality, stating that the issue of the speakership post June 30 will be decided by a party, their party, that she and not he controls. Whether or not he will be his own man (and I have confidence in his ability to rise above the handicap of present perceptions) is of no moment, because it is well nigh impossible for him to catch up, unable to shuck off the stigma of her political company. The matter would of course change if Noynoy Aquino wins the presidency and be peaceably proclaimed as such. He would not brook her elevation to the speakership, and nobody in the new Congress, not even her toadies, would dare defy a duly elected president’s rejection of their purchased “choice”.

Which is why she will try her damnedest best to elect someone else, and that will clearly be Money Villarroyo. Whether she would succeed or not would be the litmus test of our people’s political maturity, as much as it would require the Aquino camp to muster everything it could to warn the public, and foil this pre-conceived outrage. That is also why Aquino’s numbers should be far higher than Villarroyo’s, so that only a naked and brutish last-ditch attempt can foil the people’s will. And for that, the evil-doers will have to face the wrath of the people. It happened in 1986, and Cory’s son just might be the one to do a reprise.


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