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LP doubts automation/JBC inhibitions needed

Posted by akosistella on March 24, 2010

GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc
Philippine Star

From the start info-tech experts have been voicing doubts about poll automation. But election candidates largely ignore them. Politicos are either too busy campaigning or techno-illiterate or taken in by mass enthusiasm for automation. Insight can’t sink in that they’d be the first losers in a computer snafu.

Finally, one party has studied the process and pointing up defects. The Liberal Party is raising the alarm of looming failure of election from computer flop. Presidential standard-bearer Noynoy Aquino and running mate Mar Roxas are set to meet the Comelec brass today to gauge if it’s still salvageable. They have good reason to fear no-proclamation of winners for President, VP and senators. Gloria Arroyo’s body language points to it: her congressional run, touchy police-military promotions, insistence on naming the next CJ, multibillion-peso midnight deals, kith and kin sneaking into Congress via party lists, and spokesmen’s talk of juntas. An unreformed Comelec, which she used to rig her 2004 presidential run, could be part of the plot.

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