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Noynoy calls for peaceful transition of power from GMA

Posted by akosistella on March 24, 2010

Speaking to reporters during the mass oath taking of new LP members in Alaminos, [Sen. Noynoy] Aquino said Mrs. Arroyo must realize that the lives of millions of Filipinos are at stake in the coming elections.

“If you design a situation of instability, you are playing with the lives of 95 million people,” he said.

“This is not about rumors, this is about the lives of people. We should be making their lives better and not put (their future) at risk.”

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Many volunteers for ‘Hello, Garci’ commission, Noynoy says

“I understand there have been a lot of volunteers already who would want to man that particular commission. They want to go after all these closures that have been left hanging,” [Sen. Noynoy Aquino] said during a press conference.

However, he neither disclosed identities of volunteers nor provided details of the work they were supposed to render.

Aquino earlier said he will form a commission to look into the unclosed cases of graft and state abuses by the present regime.

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