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Posted by akosistella on March 25, 2010

Inquirer: Higher than supreme

BEGINNING IN 2000, when the political poison in the air that President Macapagal-Arroyo later described with precision started to make the body politic ill, this newspaper has relied on the Supreme Court to serve as a source of remedy, if not as a cure itself. In doing so, we believed we were merely reflecting a broad public consensus about the redeeming role of the highest court in the land. It is deeply unsettling for us, then, to come to the conclusion that the tribunal has, in the last days of the Arroyo presidency, itself caught the contagion.

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Malaya: Mikey as security guards’ nominee

We bring up Ang Ladlad’s case because there is a glaring obscenity that some powerful but totally shameless people are bent on pulling off in the May 10 elections. We are referring to the listing of Mikey Arroyo as the first nominee of Ang Galing Pinoy party list which claims to represent security guards.

Will the Comelec have the wisdom and the courage to disqualify Mikey as a party-list nominee? Mikey is the son of President Arroyo, is currently the House member representing the second district of Pampanga and is a multimillionaire who has never donned the blue uniform of a security guard throughout his life.

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Phil. Star: Shameless opportunism

It’s not against the law, a Malacañang official said yesterday in defending the fielding of President Arroyo’s son Mikey as nominee of a party-list group that supposedly represents security guards. Besides, Ricardo Saludo said, why single out the President’s family? The implication is that there are many others doing it, anyway. Among them, it can be noted, are Mikey Arroyo’s fellow nominee in the same group, Ang Galing Pinoy Party: Lubao Mayor Dennis Pineda, the son of the President’s staunch supporters Lilia and Bong Pineda.

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