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Palace defends dynasties

Posted by akosistella on March 25, 2010

There is nothing wrong if the Arroyo family becomes a formidable force in the legislature as long as it does not violate the law, Malacañang said on Wednesday.

“As far as we know, this [families gaining a foothold in Congress] is allowed under the Constitution and, of course, we’re complying with the Constitution by letting people who want to run, run. Second, the Arroyo family, as far as we know, is not the only family that has multiple people in the legislature. You may wish to ask also those other families what message they are sending. Let us not focus on one family,” deputy spokesman Ricardo Saludo explained.

But if keeping with the law would lead to a prolonged stay for President Gloria Arroyo in power beyond June 2010, when she should step down, a son of a former president said that she should be made to vacate Malacañang.

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Mikey hits back: 4 Arroyos can’t make Speaker

MANILA, Philippines – Presidential son Pampanga 2nd District Representative Juan Miguel ‘Mikey’ Macapagal-Arroyo on Wednesday denied an alleged plot by her mother to extend her grip on power.

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News, Rep. Arroyo categorically denied the accusation, saying only critics have made the accusation.

He also dismissed talk that the President is trying to politically reincarnate herself as prime minister should efforts to amend the Constitution succeed.

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