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Posted by akosistella on March 26, 2010

Malaya: Not even a pygmy

MIKEY Arroyo, nominee of a party list group representing security guards, dared compare himself to sitting nominees of leftist party groups. Predictably, he exposed himself for what he is: a fraud.

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Inquirer: Higher than supreme (2)

IF CITIZENS WERE DUMB OXEN, incapable of independent thought and free will, the Supreme Court would not only be powerless; it would be irrelevant. The Court and the rest of the judiciary form the weakest branch of government; for its decisions to be followed, the judiciary depends, on the action of law enforcement officials, yes, but also and even more crucially on the willing compliance of law-abiding citizens. In the end, the true power of any court decision lies in this appeal to reason and the citizen’s conscience.

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Manila Times: The (ultra violet) ‘Light that Failed’

AS on paper currency (such as the US$ and the Canadian$, the EURO and most other currencies), passports, credit cards and travelers checks, an ultra violet (UV) marking is printed on the Philippine ballot to be used in the May 10 election.

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