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EDITORIAL – Appointment binge

Posted by akosistella on March 27, 2010

Having received the go-signal from the Supreme Court to appoint the next chief justice, President Arroyo has embarked on a binge of new appointments. Two weeks after the start of the two-month pre-election ban on midnight appointments, she is naming the replacements of Cabinet members who have quit to seek various elective positions in May. With Congress in recess and with just three months left in the Arroyo administration, the new Cabinet officials have temporary appointments and don’t need confirmation by the Commission on Appointments – something that is allowed under the Constitution.

But the President is also naming new officials to posts where there aren’t any vacancies, with those replaced learning about their ouster only in the past few days. The Constitution cites only one exemption from the ban on midnight appointments: “temporary appointments to executive positions when continued vacancies therein will prejudice public service or endanger public safety.” Will vacancies in the boards of the National Historical Institute and the National Museum endanger public safety or prejudice public service? They might, if all the board seats are vacant. But there were no vacancies when the President replaced the boards of the two agencies. The affected officials found out about their ouster many days after the start of the ban on midnight appointments

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One Response to “EDITORIAL – Appointment binge”

  1. partyboy said

    its kinda weird that the president is changing all of a sudden her cabinet members or appointed officials. just like cusi, who just backed out of the congressional sit and was promoted as director general of CAAP. putting loyal family friends to key positions? just in case she wins, her people is in the right place?
    Is CAAP Dir General a fixed term? Or can be replaced by the new president?

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