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Posted by akosistella on March 29, 2010

Inquirer: GMA’s German cut

IT was when Philippine Ambassador to Germany and former foreign secretary Delia Albert received the “Most Outstanding Filipino Woman in Global Diplomacy” award from President Macapagal-Arroyo in ceremonies in Malacañang that she received confirmation, from the President herself, of the swirling rumors. She was being replaced.

The smile-while-I-stick-the-knife-in-your-back announcement was part of a wave of recent presidential appointments, all made despite the election-period ban. Justice Secretary Alberto Agra, himself a new appointee, said there was “nothing irregular” with the latest round of mass hirings and dismissals. In a sense, he was right. Albert’s sudden replacement, together with other secretive appointments such as those involving the National Historical Institute and the National Museum, are in fact characteristic of Ms Arroyo’s management style. The last-minute advice to affected parties, the general lack of transparency (the Senate and House representatives to the board of the National Museum, for instance, were not informed of a key meeting), the strained rationalizations offered after the fact and, above all, the plain lack of courtesy—this recent wave of appointments has the President’s signature down to the last flourish.

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Phil. Star:Quality of life

Several years ago, foreigners living in Asia, responding to a survey, rated Manila as the best city for expatriates to live in the region. The respondents cited the quality of life in the Philippine capital.

As in many other international surveys in various categories, Manila has since fallen behind its neighbors in living standards. In the latest survey conducted by another group, human resources consultancy ECA International, Metro Manila was ranked 25th in Asia, down one notch from the previous year, and 142nd worldwide.

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