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Plastic politics

Posted by akosistella on March 29, 2010

By Patricia Evangelista

MANILA, Philippines—This is the carnival, where Cory Aquino’s son is told by the Commission on Elections that he risks being hauled off to jail, and the small daughters of Manila matrons sing Manny Villar jingles to the dismay of their green-clad mothers. The Comelec says the two highest rivals for the presidency face imprisonment and disqualification for exceeding their advertising minutes. Tie a yellow ribbon; fly an orange banner, see the numbers, count the minutes. The strategy is visibility. The administration candidate paints the city green, and launches into the fray six weeks into the campaign, towing his 7 percent and government-sponsored minutes.

“We will saturate the airwaves,” says Gilbert Teodoro spokesperson Mike Toledo. “We will consume however many minutes is maximum under the law.”

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