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Still, ‘mahirap’

Posted by akosistella on March 29, 2010

By Conrado de Quiros

IT was Josef Goebbels who popularized the idea, a thing Marcos subscribed to, that the bigger the lie, the more believable it became. History is full of demonstrations of it. There are caveats to it, however. Not least is that if you are going to lie big, make sure the truth is not so easy to find. Or make sure you do not lie so categorically you can’t back off from it.

Marcos himself claimed he was the most decorated guerrilla of World War II, which you couldn’t disprove in the pre-Internet age unless you had access to the US Defense Department (you naturally could not depend on AFP records). It took a while before Bonifacio Gillego did disprove it; Marcos never got a single medal (nobody knew of the existence of Maharlika), let alone a chest full of them.

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