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Will the real party list group please stand up

Posted by akosistella on March 29, 2010


In 1998, the Association of Philippine Electric Cooperatives or APEC decided to plunge into Philippine politics through the party list elections.

That year happened to be the first time that Filipino voters would be electing a party list group, on top of an individual politician in their congressional districts, to the House of Representatives. Approved three years earlier, Republic Act No. 7941 or the party list law had sought to include “marginalized” sectors in lawmaking.

But the leaders of APEC, composed of electric cooperatives based mostly in Mindanao, only thought of joining the race five months before the May 1998 polls, and nearly everything—from the name of the group to its list of nominees for congressional seats—was done hurriedly, admits Edgar Valdez, APEC’s current representative to Congress.

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185 of 187 party-list groups submit nominees’ names to Comelec

A TOTAL OF 185 party-list organizations of 187 accredited by the Commission on Elections submitted the names of their nominees to the Comelec at the end of the filing period Friday night.

The nominees included President Macapagal-Arroyo’s cousin and close political allies.

The Alliance for Labor and Employment (ALE) has Erlinda M.B. de Leon, Ms Arroyo’s first cousin, for its second nominee. De Leon, according to the Office of the President’s website, had served as a special assistant to Ms Arroyo.

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