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Faking one’s poverty

Posted by akosistella on March 30, 2010


IT all began when Philippine Star columnist Billy Esposo wrote about a letter sent by someone from Tondo, who claims having remembered the Villar brothers going to a Catholic private school (Santo Niño or Holy Child), and being fetched by a stainless steel owner-type jeep (we used to call it “nikilado”). I remembered that sometime in 2007, when I was personally mulling over the probability of running for vice-mayor of Manila in the Lim ticket, I was invited by a high school chum to attend the birthday party of a barangay chairman in North Balut, whose residence was in the main road of San Rafael Village in the boundary of Tondo and Navotas.

Now I happen to be familiar with the place. A high school classmate resided there, and when we were in our junior and senior years, some of us would go there for the fiesta. Then, and in 2007, it was a gated subdivision, with security guards posted at the entrance. The houses in the subdivision were those of the upwardly wealthy, at worst B income level, even A, except that likely they were not paying the right income taxes. The residents were mostly wealthy merchants or businessmen who made their pile in Divisoria, or the fishing enclave that was and is Navotas. My high school classmate’s father had a trucking and stevedoring business in North Harbor.


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