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Posted by akosistella on March 31, 2010

Inquirer: Diminished

Power—both for those who wield it and who are subordinate to its holders—has its own inexorable logic. Thus we can assume that a designation lasting only until June 30, for many of the officials reshuffled or promoted by the President, is its own reward.

If that were the case the public might consider the latest presidential reshuffle in bad taste, and of doubtful legality, but nothing more than yet another appalling example of how the administration is detached from any ethical moorings. But there are more far-reaching implications: name the institution, and hardly any has been left untouched. Our career diplomats are up in arms over the shabby treatment of Ambassador Delia Albert; the military is irritated with junior generals leapfrogging senior ones; the legal community is also upset over the maneuvering over the next chief justice; the civil service has more reason to be dismayed; and even our cultural agencies have been purged with all the zeal of Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution in China

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Phil. Star: A failed experiment

The party-list system, according to a member of the commission that crafted the Constitution, was envisioned to be an experiment in congressional representation. At the hands of people with unbridled greed for political clout and all the perks of public office, the experiment is doomed to failure. Today the party list has become nothing more than a backdoor entrance to the House of Representatives.

Major political parties use it to install more partisans in the House, with the same right to vote and the same pork barrel allocations as regular congressmen. Major religious groups use it to advance their interests and expand their influence in the political realm. And President Arroyo, in the twilight of her nine years in power, appears bent on installing every able-bodied relative and loyalist official in the House, even through the backdoor, and even if none of the officials can be considered marginalized by any stretch of the imagination, to ensure her continuing influence over national affairs.

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Malaya: Something’s cooking (2)

THE government last year tried selling three big-ticket privatization items, without success because of poor market interest. The Department of Finance is again hawking the three items at bargain basement pieces and through negotiated arrangements, and seeking to strike a deal within the second quarter. The justification, as usual, is the need to cap the deficit for 2010 at the programmed P293 billion.

But what’s so pressing a need is there to meet the June 30 deadline? Because Gloria Arroyo is exiting on that day?

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