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No civility, no breeding

Posted by akosistella on March 31, 2010

By Boo Chanco

The way Ate Glue treats her appointees can only be described as “bastos”. This is most surprising because as she is a past president’s daughter we assume she has breeding. You would think her mother taught her some manners. It is apparent the nuns at Assumption failed to do that too. Look at how she treats high officials in government as if they are nothing more than household help, who incidentally, also deserve better. Ate Glue is too cacique for comfort! But even caciques have old world manners.

Ate Glue’s lack of courtesy betrays a mind set that explains why she is hated. Even some people who have worked with her call her evil behind her back. Simple courtesies separate us from creatures that live by the laws of the jungle… and yes, the snake pit of Malacañang. The most surprising thing is why she wonders why people don’t like her.

I still remember how badly she treated Dante Canlas, the UP economics professor without whose help Ate Glue wouldn’t have been able to submit an acceptable dissertation for her PhD after a UP School of Economics panel was reported to have rejected her first effort. Dr Canlas was the last to know that he had been relieved, first of his post as head of NEDA then subsequently as our country’s representative to the ADB Board. The worse part of it is, his replacement at ADB didn’t have the qualifications that could match Dr Canlas. She was just a regular “brown noser” to her not so royal highness.

Click Boo Chanco.

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