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Posted by akosistella on March 31, 2010

By Rina Jimenez David

NATURALLY the refutations cannot but please the LP hierarchy, but by ascribing the counter-stories to a “smear campaign” organized by the party, is Villar insinuating that Monsod and other media commentators have allowed themselves to be used by the LP?

There is, after all, a candidate’s primary duty to tell the truth—and nothing but—to voters. And if a media person discovers documents that contradict the candidate’s version of truth, is it not the duty of the media to lay bare the facts for public consumption?

There’s a lesson here for all would-be candidates, and that is to make sure that any claim or statement made in the course of a campaign is supported by fact. In their efforts to create the persona of a poor boy who made good, Villar’s image handlers may have gone too far with overly dramatic claims and embellishing on the already-touching story of Villar’s late brother.

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