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Expert rates automation: slim chance of success (1)

Posted by akosistella on April 5, 2010


By Jarius Bondoc

Remember, most election frauds are inside jobs. Be less worried about hackers and other external threats. More worrisome are cheats who have inside access to the automated election system (AES) — to do what they’ve always done with impunity under the manual system.

By “success” we mean: (1) absence of significant cheating and similar problems that have chronically attended elections, and (2) canvassing that is significantly shorter than manual method. Otherwise, we would consider the AES a failure. This is different from the legalistic term “failure of election,” for which officials mean that no actual voting occurred. By their definition, if voters are able to cast ballots, then there’s no election failure.

Due to space limitation, we cover only the most serious problems we identified.

Click Jarius Bondoc.


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