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It’s Villar who should apologize

Posted by akosistella on April 6, 2010



What were the “distortions”, Senator Money?

“During an emergency case, you go to the nearest hospital and bother later where to get the money to pay the bill”, after stating that Danny was admitted into the “charity ward” of FEU Hospital.

Laki ako sa Maynila, Senator Money. The nearest hospitals to your North Balut digs were: Sta. Rita Hospital in Gagalangin, owned by the Albanos, Emmanuel Hospital, a Protestant-owned and run hospital on Jose Abad Santos (then Reina Regente) in Tondo, or Mary Johnston (also with a charity ward, and where Joseph Estrada was born, fronting the parochial school young Manny attended since Grade One), and even San Lazaro Hospital (a government-owned free hospital near Tayuman and Avenida Rizal). These are nearer to Balut or Navotas than FEU Hospital. And all these were far cheaper than FEU. There is another hospital nearer, UST Hospital, which costs about the same as FEU.



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