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Oh, when it rains it pours!

Posted by akosistella on April 6, 2010


By William M. Esposo

The “Money Villarroyo” issue was hitherto conveyed through coffee shop talk, text messages and campaign trail allegations. That April 1st front page banner story upgraded it with the impact of a major newspaper’s credibility — quoting said reliable sources. Even before that April 1st story, you’ll know that Manny Villar was being seriously affected by the “Money Villarroyo” issue by that OPO TV ad that they’re running. To a veteran communicator, that TV ad would seem to have been crafted to address the “Money Villarroyo” issue.

We cannot help comparing how the Arroyo ‘Kiss of Death’ would affect Manny Villar to how it affected Gilbert Teodoro. Compared to Manny Villar, Gilbert Teodoro is not hounded by many big controversies. Teodoro may have been cited for some bad calls like the lack of action when Typhoon Ondoy struck and for failing to neutralize the Ampatuan threat in Maguindanao — but these were nothing compared to the many big issues hounding Manny Villar.

Comparing personalities, Teodoro would seem to be more attractive than Manny Villar — especially if brought to the level of a face to face debate. And yet we all saw how Arroyo’s ‘Kiss of Death’ had affected Teodoro who could not even manage to hurdle the double digit bar in the SWS and Pulse Asia polls.

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