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Plagiarism in the age of the Internet

Posted by akosistella on April 6, 2010


By Rina Jimenez David

PERHAPS the Pangilinan plagiarism scandal was meant to happen in this season, at this time of our political life.

Lately, there have been swirling in the political firmament heated discussions about the “truthfulness” of some claims made in political advertisements, in campaign claims and even in the speeches of the candidates themselves. The brouhaha raised over Manny Villar’s claims of growing up in poverty, the search for explanations or justifications for the Aquinos’ continued ownership of Hacienda Luisita, the claims of Erap Estrada that during his term there was “no poverty” and even “peace in Mindanao” (how could he have forgotten the conflict in Central Mindanao?) have all been subjected to scrutiny and acrimony. The claims and counter-claims, the accusations and recriminations have flown about. But no one as yet has done an MVP and come out, owning responsibility for whatever lies have been peddled, and stepping out from the race.

Click Rina Jimenez David.


(via ABS-CBN)


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