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Campaign season reveals the worse in us

Posted by akosistella on April 7, 2010


By Boo Chanco

I am actually disappointed that the Noynoy campaign and Noynoy himself have been hammering Manny Villar on Villar’s poverty claim. It was probably alright to point out that Villar may have taken some liberties in his commercials about how poor he was. It was probably an exaggeration to claim that he swam in a sea of garbage. Blame his advertising agency for abusing creative license and producing a commercial that would not pass standard screening for truthfulness.

As is turning out, Villar was middle class like many of us who studied at UP in the years when there weren’t as many cars in the parking lots. Villar is just someone like me who didn’t exactly grow up dirt poor. But he was not the child of hacienderos either. From what I gather, Villar’s family had a decent wooden house on the fringe of a squatter colony in Tondo, pretty much like ours near squatter areas in the Paco/Pandacan district.

In so many words, Manny and I had middle class roots and there’s nothing wrong with that. Being middle class still makes Manny V more likely to empathize with the poor than one from the haciendero ruling class. Poor or middle class, Noynoy and his boys have made their point and should move on to other issues.

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