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Expert rates automation: slim chance of success (2)

Posted by akosistella on April 7, 2010


By Jarius Bondoc

Subsystem 2: Software, certification, voter education

Claim: “Source code customization to meet requirements of RP elections finished.”

The source code was actually customized in a way that violates the requirement of election law for vote verification. The PCOS has a built-in feature that displays on-screen the names of candidates a voter has marked. He can then verify if the machine is accurately interpreting his voting intentions. If it doesn’t, the voter can abort and re-feed the ballot. If it does, he can then confirm and press “Cast”. This feature is absolutely necessary to assure voters that the PCOS scanned their ballots correctly.

Smartmatic disabled this feature, taking away the only chance for voters to check the PCOS scanning accuracy on Election Day. Couple this with the news blackout of pre-election PCOS testing, and the post-election audit of results only after Comelec proclaims “winners.” We have lost all three opportunities to determine scanning accuracy — not reassuring.

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