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Posted by akosistella on April 9, 2010


Phil. Star: Power for automation

With temperatures soaring even in Baguio City, there seems to be no immediate relief in sight for residents of Mindanao, where a drought continues to cause rotating blackouts lasting up to 12 hours daily. The other day energy officials said factories and shopping malls in Mindanao would have to suspend operations for three days in May to ensure that there will be enough electricity for blackout-free elections.

The country first saw the devastating consequences of an acute power shortage in the final months of the Aquino administration, when investors fled as Metro Manila reeled from blackouts lasting an average of eight hours daily. Fidel Ramos restored the lights quickly, but consumers have since learned from painful experience that quick fixes to a power shortage can be costly.

via Philippine Star.

Malaya: No law against rebellion?

THIS Norberto Gonzales is really a shameless liar. That he now holds the defense portfolio is among those bizarre developments that could only come about in a totally dysfunctional administration like Gloria Arroyo’s.

Briefing the diplomatic community on the arrest of 43 people in Morong, Rizal, last February and their continued detention, Gonzales called for the passage new anti-rebellion and anti-subversion laws.

Click Malaya


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