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Posted by akosistella on April 9, 2010



My son-in-law thought Money Villarroyo’s new ad, featuring the “reversible scroll” where a woman reads a lament, followed by Villarroyo’s positive spin of the same lamentations, was “great.” When we were on the road for the Holy Week holidays, he asked if I had seen it on TV, and I hadn’t. Two days later, the internet was inundated with mail describing how the reversible scroll, which won a Cannes award for political advertising in 2006, was “plagiarized” by Villar’s “creative artists” from the ad of presidential candidate Ricardo Lopez Murphy in Argentina.

“Peke talaga”, the Erap camp chimed in, describing the Villarroyo ad as a “cheap rip-off of the original”. But the punchline, which is where Erap is the unbeatable communications expert, is this: “Infringed ads produce replicated results…Senator Villar will come in third in the May 10 elections, a fate similar to Lopez Murphy.” Ouch!

Now this is certainly the “creative artists” original sin. If Villarroyo could not fault them for the ad where he ascribed his brother Danny’s unfortunate death to their family’s inability to pay, because that yarn must have come only from the candidate himself, this “scroll” plagiarism is certainly theirs. Surely the candidate was never informed that it was a poor case of “gaya-gaya”. Because likely, Villarroyo would have asked, “nanalo ba si Lopez Murphy sa Argentina?”



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