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Black ops and the nature of the 2010 campaigns

Posted by akosistella on April 12, 2010


By Maria Ressa

On the morning of Thursday, April 8, I called a meeting of our top editorial minds to discuss a potentially explosive document given to us by a source from the Nacionalista Party. It was a report allegedly done by Ateneo’s Psychology Department on Sen. Benigno Aquino III signed by Fr. Carmelo Caluag.

If true, it could spell the end of Sen. Aquino’s campaign.

If we didn’t pursue the story, we could give our source reason to say we are biased. If we did, we could potentially wade into a morass of ethical issues dealing with the mental health of the frontrunner for the presidency.

True or false, we decided to do the story and air it in the coming days. We didn’t believe there was any rush because we thought our source had given us a headstart. That proved a wrong assumption.

A short time later, we received the same document from another source connected to the Nacionalista Party.

Click Maria A. Ressa.


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