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Posted by akosistella on April 12, 2010


By Conrado de Quiros

HERE’S another phenomenon in a phenomenal election.

That is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo coming back into the picture after disappearing for some time.

The last time she was there was shortly after Cory died. She had just come back from the US, after wangling an invitation from Barack Obama to visit there, and was ready to bedazzle the natives she left behind with tales of conquista. But the best-laid plots of mice and women oft go astray and none more epically than here. Cory died, and gave the country life. In lieu of regaling the world with tales of conquista, Gloria ended up regaling the world with tales of fiesta—specifically the one at Le Cirque. And so while the Filipinos wept in grief and bereavement at the passing of a loved one, their tears mingling with the rain, they also cursed in pain and anger at the coming back of a loathed one, one they could never seem to do away with and bury.

Click Conrado de Quiros.


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