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From Malaya’s op-ed pages

Posted by akosistella on April 15, 2010


Editorial: Succession issue

SENATE President Juan Ponce Enrile’s proposal that the Senate elect a new head before half of its 24 members bow out on June 30 cannot ensure that a power vacuum will not occur in case of a failure of elections/failure of proclamation, but at least it gives hope that Gloria Arroyo, supported by her loyalists in the military, could be prevented from grabbing power by invoking the constitutional provision on succession.

via Business Insight Malaya | Editorial.

A campaign built on lies

THE trouble with the Villar campaign is that it was from Day One built on lying. A friend who was drafted into the Villar pre-campaign by mutual friends who thought Mar Roxas could not exude the aura of a victor or attract the big bucks required to mount a presidential campaign, tried his best. He built the message of Villar’s campaign around what he then thought were genuinely “poor” beginnings (galing sa mahirap) and tried to make it resonate further by an approach towards “tumutulong sa mahirap” through the OFW ads where Manny was shown helping some distressed Filipinos maltreated by foreign masters. Those were great beginnings for the Villar campaign.

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Fr. Caluag’s say

According to a younger Atenean (than me) if there were any psychiatric tests done, this would have been by the Guidance Counseling Office and not by the Psychology Department. (Psychology and Psychiatry are different disciplines. The faker could not have been from the Ateneo; he is plainly too dumb to have come from my school.)

What will bring loss to the Nacionalista Party is not black propaganda that they keep blaming on the Liberal Party but the unreal bill of goods that the NP has been trying to sell to the Filipino people.

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