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Posted by akosistella on April 15, 2010



When the first overseas-based Filipinos cast their ballots for the May 10 elections over the weekend, attention was focused on the use of the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines deployed in Hong Kong and Singapore. (Other overseas Filipinos voting in other countries have to do it manually.) Unfortunately, during the second day of the month-long vote at the Bayanihan Kennedytown Center, two PCOS machines malfunctioned; the replacement machine for one worked right away, but none of the two substitutes for the other malfunctioning machine did. It was only after technicians reinstalled the original equipment that the vote in that precinct got underway.

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By Conrado de Quiros

A FRIEND ASKED ME SOME WEEKS AGO, “What exactly does bipolar mean?”

I said as far as I knew it was the clinical term for manic-depressive, a disorder characterized by violent mood swings, literally from one pole to the other. I said it often involved loss of identity or confusion about it. But with medication, bipolar people could live fully functional lives. I said I knew all this because I knew people who were.

And then I asked why he asked. Because, he answered, I heard that the Villar camp is threatening to produce documents that show Noynoy Aquino to be bipolar.

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Citizen’s army for Gibo
By Belinda Olivares-Cunanan

AT THIS STAGE, IT’S HARD TO SEE HOW THE Lakas-Kampi problem would resolve itself. There are unconfirmed talks of defections to other parties as well as political realignments. But the hordes of citizen volunteers of Lakas candidate Gibo Teodoro are not taking some politicians’ decision to jump to other parties (such as Joey Salceda, Prospero Nograles and Neptali Gonzalez Jr.) without some counter-action. These concerned citizens appear unwilling to leave the destiny and fate of this country to the politicians, especially the unprincipled ones whose departure from the party they welcome. A phenomenon has emerged as the Lakas ranks are raided by rival parties: citizen volunteerism that crosses social classes and party lines to prop up Gibo. In various parts of the country, citizens have been moving, spending their own time, energy and resources, and organizing rallies for Gibo.

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Home stretch
By Manuel L. Quezon III

THE POINT OF DECISION IS APPROACHING, for individuals as well as the country. By all accounts, a larger percentage of the voting population has made up its mind compared to previous elections, but there remain both enough undecided voters and already-committed (but not steadfastly so) supporters to make the situation volatile still.

At the heart of the choice that voters and candidates have to make, is whether they will throw their lot with the veterans of the Marcos martial law machine, or gamble on reinvigorating the anti-Marcos coalition. Both, in a sense, are on their second and even third generations and with some interesting permutations: the most interesting one being President Macapagal-Arroyo, as she seeks to hold the balance of power not just going into election day, but beyond.

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