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Posted by akosistella on April 15, 2010


EDITORIAL – Jurisprudence

In June 2001 and June 2003, the Supreme Court ruled on issues involving party-list organizations. Among other things, the ruling on a case filed by Ang Bagong Bayani affirmed the intent of the framers of the Constitution to utilize the party-list system as a way of promoting the interests of marginalized and underrepresented sectors in Congress. In addition, the SC ruled that the candidate party or organization must not only represent marginalized sectors; its nominees must also belong to those sectors.

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Significant and insignificant developments
By William M. Esposo

Now Villar is trying to make political capital out of a security agency where Noynoy Aquino had a minor participation. Aquino had already divested from this firm in 1987 and explained that his involvement was due to security concerns then — the many coup attempts against the Cory government. Aquino almost became a casualty of one of these coups — carrying to this day the fragment of a bullet in his body which occasionally causes him pain and discomfort.

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To each his own
By Babe Romualdez

If there’s anybody who has had the strongest influence on GMA, particularly with regard to her economic policies, it’s none other than Albay governor Joey Salceda. Despite a number of gaffes – the most unforgettable of which was when he called his boss “the luckiest bitch” – he has remained one of the staunchest defenders of the president, highlighting her administration’s accomplishments at every turn possible.

Which is why the news that he is bolting Lakas-Kampi to join the Liberal Party camp of Noynoy Aquino comes as a shock to many, since of all people, Salceda would be the last in mind to defect. But then again, nothing should come as a surprise anymore when it comes to Philippine politics where more often than not, the rule of the game is survival and expediency. The election season can make erstwhile enemies become the new best friends, while those who have been the closest of allies can turn into the most bitter of rivals.

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