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Posted by akosistella on April 16, 2010


EDITORIAL: Elect a new Senate president early enough

The failure of the May 10 election to give the Filipino people a new president and vice president will happen if (God forbid!) the Automated Election System balloting has becomes a huge mess. Or if, as the Defense chief and concurrent National Security adviser predicts, no less than 30 percent of the country would not be able to hold the vote because of peace and order problems, power shortage and outright terrorism. If 30 percent of the voice of the people through the ballot cannot be known, there is every reason to declare failure of election especially if the winning presidential and vice presidential candidates’ edge over their rivals is so slight that the results could be overturned if the votes from the troubled 30 percent of precincts were counted.

via Manila Times Editorial.

Bicol solidifies vote around Noynoy
BIG DEAL By Dan Mariano

If ever there was a list of “the best and the brightest” in the official family of President Arroyo, it certainly would include Joey Salceda.

Now governor of Albay province, Salceda was for the longest time a key economic adviser to the President who was ironically his economics professor in college.

Salceda had remained loyal to GMA through a string of crises, some of which came close to toppling her. Observers, for instance, had expected him to join the so-called Hyatt 10, a group of Cabinet members and other ranking administration officials who called on Mrs. Arroyo to step down after evidence of election-rigging surfaced in 2005.

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Dirty tricks season
AMBIENT VOICES By Ma. Isabel Ongpin

As predicted, we are now in the last stages of the electoral campaign. This is the time of the dirty tricks and the tricksters are now distributing their products via high tech devices from mobile phones to laptops, television and radio. Let us be intelligent and astute enough to recognize black propaganda when we see it. And I do wish the media, which is supposed to lead us in intelligence and astuteness, would do the same. Additionaly, it is also to be wished that media give the afflicted parties notice and a chance to comment for public consumption before they publish, disseminate, reveal such derogatory information.

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