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Posted by akosistella on April 17, 2010


Phil. Star: Voter vigilance

A high 71 percent of registered voters expect vote-buying to occur in their respective localities in the May elections, according to a recent survey by the Social Weather Stations. The survey taken from March 19 to 22 among 2,100 registered voters picked at random nationwide also showed that among possible election irregularities, cheating in the counting was expected by 51 percent of the respondents, flying voters by 48 percent, voter harassment by 45 percent, and violence by 37 percent.

via Philippine Star.

Inquirer: Legacy of poverty

EARLY THIS YEAR, THE ARROYO administration launched an extravagant advertising campaign to trumpet its “legacy” to the nation. But if those ads were meant to shore up President Macapagal-Arroyo’s popularity or boost the chances of her presidential candidate, they didn’t work. Four months later, Gilbert Teodoro is still languishing in fourth place, with a mere 7 percent of voters saying they would vote for him, according to the latest survey. Ms Arroyo has not fared any better, with her net approval rating plunging to a negative 53 percent, the lowest rating of any president since the Social Weather Stations started measuring public approval for the highest official of the land. To ordinary Filipinos, the extravagant claims made in those ads simply clashed with the realities of their everyday lives: joblessness, poverty and hunger.


Manila Times: Good anti-turncoatism law needed

Defections from the ruling Lakas-Kampi CMD party suddenly highlight the need for a good anti-turncoatism law. Several versions of such a law have been gathering dust in both houses of Congress. Senators Edgardo J. Angara and Richard Gordon enthusiastically worked for the passage of the bills pending in the Senate Committee on the Revision of Laws. We now see what a great pity it is that their advocacy was not shared by more congressional and civil society leaders.

Click Manila Times


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