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Political parties and social movements

Posted by akosistella on April 17, 2010


By Randy David

IN MODERN DEMOCRACIES, the ideal role of political parties is to listen to the problems and aspirations of citizens and, in the course of this, to organize and empower them. The outcome of this effort should be a collective force devoted to a vision of the common good and subscribing to a set of well-defined policies and programs. On this basis, parties compete for the right to govern.

Yet, even the best democracies often do not measure well by these standards. Political parties may be captured by professional politicians whose dominance rests solely on their ability to exploit the weaknesses of the prevailing political culture. Instead of allowing fresh blood to renew their ranks, parties may ossify and become no more than tools of vested interests and personal ambitions. As such, they fail to adapt to the realities of a complex society.

via Randy David.


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