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Posted by akosistella on April 19, 2010


Phil. Star: It was mass suicide

The way the investigation is unfolding, the massacre in Maguindanao on Nov. 23 last year could end up being officially declared as a mass suicide. If those in power are compelled by an outraged public to make someone pay, the only ones who might serve time in prison for the most atrocious case of election violence in this country will be the small fry – the foot soldiers who pulled the trigger as their victims begged for mercy.

via Phil. Star

Malaya: What Lakas-Kampi disintegration means

WE are hardly surprised by the rash of defections from the Lakas
Kampi party. We have long been saying that a party bound only by the glue of money is bound to unravel when the source of largesse dries up or is about to dry up. That’s what is happening now and the disintegration will further speed up as Election Day approaches.

via Business Insight Malaya.

Inquirer: Going parallel

WE can understand where Commission on Elections spokesperson James Jimenez’s frustration springs from. Last week, the Management Association of the Philippines and the Makati Business Club proposed a parallel manual count (good), but gave the appearance of unilaterally imposing a deadline of April 23 on the Comelec (not so good). If the election agency fails to approve the proposal in time, MBC executive director Alberto Lim said, rather cryptically, then the business groups would be ready: “This is not our last card. We have other cards to play.”

via Inquirer.net

BusinessMirror: Next admin need not grope in the dark

Whoever wins the presidency in May does not have to reinvent the wheel or grope in the dark for answers to the nation’s economic woes.

It’s a fair assumption that all the candidates have their own ideas on how to make the economy recover from crisis, even if they may not have a comprehensive and coherent program for economic and social advance.

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