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Credibility versus competence

Posted by akosistella on April 21, 2010


By Manuel Buencamino

Someone who calls himself “thecusponline” captured the essence of the “battle of the frames” between Aquino and Villar. His concise analysis posted on Manuel Quezon III’s blog (www.Quezon.ph) is worth quoting in full:

“I think early on, the name of the game was defining a narrative for the campaign. Aquino and Villar were both playing to their strengths. Aquino had the legacy of honest government on his side and thus employed a good-versus-evil narrative, while Villar had a record of leading both Houses of Congress and his life story to sell.

“The middle part of the campaign was all about bridging two gaps. There was the competency gap for Aquino, and the credibility gap for Villar. Taken on his own merits, Aquino seemed like a weak candidate, but given the strategy he took in selectively choosing the more reform-minded defectors rather than the transactional ones [who went to Villar], he has been able to build a balanced yet formidable team, while Villar simply tried to evade questions regarding his claims.

Click Manuel Buencamino.


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