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Just like manicurist, GMA gardener gets sinecure

Posted by akosistella on April 21, 2010


Professionals among Malacañang’s housekeeping staff are outraged. Not only did Gloria Macapagal Arroyo appoint her personal manicurist to the board of trustees of Pag-IBIG Housing Fund. She also earlier named her gardener as deputy of the Luneta Park Administration. Both postings are improper sinecures, Palace aides murmur.

One insider feels disgust that beautician Anita Carpon and gardener Armando Macapagal were placed in positions in a departing admin. As Pag-IBIG trustee Carpon will make P130,000 a month in per diem, plus perks, for a fixed two-year term. Macapagal’s seat as Luneta deputy earns less. But his appointment can be as dubious if he and the President happen to be related. The Constitution and anti-graft laws prohibit government officials from appointing or transacting with kin.

Another source laments that the postings were made on the sly. Carpon was sneaked into the Pag-IBIG board along with three others after the terms of four trustees lapsed in recent weeks. But she was unable to join them in last week’s oath taking and first board meeting as she accompanied Arroyo to the US and Spain. Macapagal’s appointment surfaced only after Carpon’s hit the headlines (Gotcha, 19 Apr. 2010). A Palace reporter says the offices of Executive Sec. Larry Mendoza and Press Sec. Cris Icban are mum about the appointments, likely made during the election ban.

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Tired of being poor? Lower your standards!

The SWS reported there are less Filipino families who feel poor, a level last seen 23 years ago even as hunger remains near record high. But before anybody starts jumping up and down for joy like chimpanzees in a banana plantation, read how SWS explained the seeming contradictory findings.

The SWS explained “the reason why self-rated poverty is relatively low and at the same time hunger is relatively high is because living standards have dropped so low that many families do not rate themselves as poor even if they suffered from hunger recently.”

The SWS continued: “Of the estimated four million households reporting hunger in March 2010, only 2.6 million rated themselves as Poor. A significant 1.4 million who suffered from hunger did not rate themselves as Poor.” In other words, the poor have changed their idea of what it is to be poor. Even if they are having more bouts of hunger than ever, they already consider it normal.

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