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Gordon sues SWS, Pulse Asia over election-related surveys

Posted by akosistella on April 22, 2010


Presidential candidate Richard Gordon has sued pollsters Pulse Asia and the Social Weather Stations (SWS), a TV newscast reported on Thursday.

Gordon’s lawyer Chito Diaz told Arnold Clavio on GMA Network’s Unang Hirit morning show he had filed a complaint for damages at a Quezon City regional trial court.

“We are also asking the court for a temporary restraining order (TRO), as well as a writ of preliminary injection,” Diaz said.

via GMANews.TV.


Madrigal joins Gordon drive vs pollsters

MANILA, Philippines—Presidential candidate Sen. Jamby Madrigal has made common cause with fellow candidate, Sen. Richard Gordon, in the latter’s “crusade against the unfair treatment that non-paying presidential candidates are getting” from survey organizations Pulse Asia and Social Weather Stations (SWS).

“Do you know anyone who has taken part in any of the opinion surveys conducted by False Asia and the Surveys of the Wealthy for the Stupid?” Madrigal asked.

Citing Pulse Asia and SWS insiders, the senator said “these polling firms use fraudulent survey methods,” a claim that Gordon made the other day.

via Inquirer.net

PATHETIC. Why doesn’t Gordon just focus his energy on his campaign instead of flying off into rages and suing people? Voters should think twice about supporting someone who can’t control his emotions and acts irrationally when things don’t go his way. Tsk. tsk.


2 Responses to “Gordon sues SWS, Pulse Asia over election-related surveys”

  1. Gary said

    I was intending to vote for Gordon. I am not sure anymore. The way he is acting is really pathetic. Jamby also shows how stupid she is.

  2. nicolas said

    still gordon pa rin.to false asia and sws..cut the crap!

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