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Jojo Binay junks Erap Estrada; and Chiz who?

Posted by akosistella on April 23, 2010


At Midfield
By Ding Gagelonia

Think again.

What’s happened this week is the fighting mayor of Makati has effectively junked former president Erap with Jojo and his supporters embracing the so-called ‘Noy-Bi’ ticket cooked up by Senator Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero.

via At Midfield.

AND I’m thinking, just how credible is Chiz Escudero, especially after his dramatic non-presidential run. (Di ba ma-drama talaga? Will I run, won’t I run, I will announce my decision on my bday, then maybe not again, bukas, sa makalawa, next month! Then finally, wag nalang kasi hindi ako binigyan ng pera ni Tito Danding.)

While most Filipino voters may have yet to make up their minds on their presidential candidate, I think they will be firm in their choice for Vice President. Sen. MAR Roxas has had a good track record as a Cabinet executive. He has merited nothing but praises for his legislative record, especially the latest on the Cheaper Medicines Act. And unlike Jojo Binay, has never been accused of corruption. Sen. Roxas does his homework, reads up on issues and has mastered the legislative process to enable him to get a number of his legislative bills approved. So idiots who think Sen. Roxas is “kulang sa kalyo”, are just really projecting their own inadequacies.

It is surprising that Escudero, who had hoped to style himself like Barack Obama w/ new-style politics, would endorse someone like Binay. If you just talk to Makati businessmen, or anyone who has ever tried to get a business permit and has dealt w/ Makati City Hall, you will not have any kind words to say about the perpetual Mayor of Makati.

I’m not saying he didn’t do good for Makati, bec. I’m aware of the diminiutive king of Makati’s accomplishments esp. in the field of education. I just don’t approve of his method of governance. He is a smart one no doubt, bec. you will not find a single paper trail or document linking him to anomalies. But talk to a property developer or two, and you will know exactly what I’m referring to.

Anyway, I give Pinoys a little more credit and will not underestimate their intelligence. They will be able to see through this ploy of Escudero to try and chip away at Sen. Roxas’ popularity because the latter is a potential rival in 2016. After all, Escudero has always wanted to become President of the Philippines since he was a small boy, so spare us the ‘I’m nearsighted’ act. But seriously, what exactly has Escudero done except to spew out his memorized spiels a mile a minute in a monotone, in kilometric sentences sans commas or periods, w/o actually looking at you straight in the eye?

The way Escudero has been behaving – demanding that Danding Cojuangco give him P3 billion to fund his presidential fantasy, claiming that Danding never helped him yet neglecting all those times he had used and abused San Miguel Corp.’s private plane, and just by being a constant presence in Malacañang – smacks of trapo-style politics. So young and so…. Well yes, I suppose I see now why he supports Binay. They are like two peas in a pod!

I think this latest Escudero gimmick to resurrect his dead political career and presidential ambition, will show just how inconsequential he has become as a politician. Binay’s numbers may rise, but will not even come close to touch the dust trail that Sen. Roxas has left behind. This is just Escudero’s way of trying to flex his muscles and to see if anyone still gives a rat’s ass about him. And frankly, Sen. Noynoy Aquino moving around and being endorsed by the likes of Escudero and Binay makes me question just how serious the LP presidential candidate is in his anti-corruption campaign.


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